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How MyDataGator Works

MyDataGator is a data extracting software, helpful especially for lead generation for your business. You can scrape credible data using keywords based on the required niche and the locations. To simplify the process, we are giving you step-by-step guide on how to get started.
Before starting, run the Setup Wizard and install the software in your PC.
Enter the activation key.

Step 1:  Run the software.

Step 2: From the ‘Login Screen’, choose  any one of the three options, i.e., India LatLong, Google Data Scraper, or Directory3018.

Step 3: Let’s go with Google Data Scraper.

Step 4: The home screen of the respective directory or the Google Data Scraper tool will appear as per your selected option.

The following are the steps to be followed if you select the Google Data Scraper option.

Step 5: Click on ‘Open Map’. A new window will appear. Now enter your keyword of your interest. Take the cursor on the Map and draw a circle on your required location.

Step 6: Click on ‘Copy’ button.

Step 7: Now, click on ‘Paste’ button on the software window to paste the location and keyword.


You can also choose more than one location by drawing several circles to increase your area of search, copy them from the map and paste them on the software window and add them in the software queue.


Step 8: Click ‘Start’ button to execute the data extraction.


Step 9: After the data extraction, click on ‘Save’ button  to save the data in spreadsheets (excel file).

If you choose India Latlong or Directory3018, skip Steps 5 to 9 and go to Step 10.

Step 10: You have two options here. You can search on the basis of Keywords, or you can choose from the given options in the locations and categories section.


Click on the ‘Search’ button to execute the data extraction. A maximum of 100 data will appear on one page. The next page will show the next 100 data and so on.


Step 11: After the extraction, click on ‘Save’ button to save the data in spreadsheets (excel file).

* Please Note: Do not enter any special characters and make sure that spellings entered are correct.