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We believe that data  plays a vital role in any scenario – be it starting a new business, or expanding your existing business. We help you get that edge over others by providing you with relevant database which in turn helps you to generate leads for your business to grow. MyDataGator is a data extracting software in Indiathat makes  data accessible for every company or individual for marketing purpose. It is a data extracting  software in Indiathat provides email database and phone number database of any geo location. We mine data from the internet, so you don’t have to and we help you generate highly qualified leads to grow your business. We also have features and programs designed to help you create and organize the database which will help you dramatically improve your sales campaign. With the data extracting software in India, help your organization address their data challenges and help them to beat competition.

We Are Always Ready For You

We help you generate fresh data for your business with absolutely no hassles. We help extract and manage information in the most organized format. Unlike other data providers, the B2B data extracting software is up to date.

Optimize All Your Efforts

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or you have a team, the B2B data extracting softwareworks just perfect for all. It optimizes your efforts of juicing out from the business-specific database, be it for telemarketing, or email marketing. Using the data extracting software, you will find that your entire market is already mapped. So you can spend less time prospecting and more time winning sales and generating revenue.

Some Reasons to Work

Millions of Live Data

Google Scraper Tool allows you to get data from all around the world making it the best B2B data extracting software. We turn listings to structured database. The  primary purpose of the B2B data extracting softwareis to extract information from different directories and convert it into a desired format that will boost your business in future.

We Believe in Full Satisfaction

Along with Google Scraper Tool, we are providing 2 directories access with both having 50 million plus data in each. We turn unorganized data into information that businesses can turn into success.

Future Updates

In future, we shall tie up with other directories and provide you more data. This would drive quality B2B lead generation and accelerate the productivity of sales.






Years of Experience