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Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or you have a team, MyDataGator works just perfect for all. This B2B data extracting software helps bulk database providers in extracting refined data by using  Google maps and live data to optimize the efforts of juicing out from the business-specific database, be it for telemarketing, or email marketing. This data mining software provides you with bulk email database and bulk mobile number database, and is top data generation software.


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We help you generate leads for your business with absolutely no hassles. We help extract and manage information in the most organized format.






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How it Works

This B2B data extractingsoftware is a unique and versatile tool. MyDataGator is a software that helps you to extract bulk database which includes information such as business names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, and email addresses using Google maps and live locations making searches more organized.


Also, we have tie-ups with leading directories providing bulk mobile phone number database and bulk email database to the best database selling companies. Hence you can be assured of the credibility of the leads.


Both India LatLong and Directory3018 have over 50 million accurate data each. We ensure the credibility and authenticity of the data. Just sit back and reap the benefits of this accurate databank to boost your business. With MyDataGator, automate your way through the sales process and close more deals faster and become the best bulk database provider in India.


Google Data Scraper tool extracts information based on live locations from Google Maps, taking your search to a whole new level. The B2B data extracting software extracts, filters and groups data across any number of sources in any geo location. It drives revenues and reduces costs. With MyDataGator, you can capture, nurture, qualify and convert more leads. You can maximize the returns on your prospects and feed your growth objectives.

MyDataGator Software

We are Aggregators of Database!

Our Database Sources:

  • Google Data Scraper Tool
  • India LatLong Directory
  • Directory3018

Key Features of MyDataGator

Multiple Search

This software enables you to use multiple search criteria or multiple keywords at a time. You can search on the basis of:
• Locations
• Keywords
• Categories

Save Data

MyDataGator extractor enables you to store web data into excel format which can be easily opened in spreadsheets. This saves you time and eliminates the struggle of collecting and saving it manually.


The collected data is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

User-friendly Interface

We have created a very simple interface which is easy-to-use. Our key feature includes Live Data, which can be extracted by manually selecting any particular area in the map.

Stop buying irrelevant archaic data.
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Advantages of MyDataGator

MyDataGator, the savviest software for searching data!

It is easy to get started

Ours is a user-friendly software. All you have to do is choose a category or enter a keyword, or choose a location, and wait for the results. Isn’t that great?

Get to know your market.

In order to know your customers or your prospects, it is important for you to have easy access to correct information/data. MyDataGator helps you to become a bulk database provider in India by building your own database for all kinds of businesses.

Live locations equate accuracy

Since we use live locations from Google maps, our level of accuracy is impeccable.

Get connected

MyDataGator provides bulk database providers with all the relevant information that they need to get in touch with their audience. It gives the business names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, and email addresses.

Free Update for one year

You get a free update of the software for the first year of purchase.

Technical Support

We provide technical support on how to use the software and how to create your Google API.

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